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Agility & Quickness

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  1. Agility Marker Spots™

    Agility Marker Spots™


    Agility Marker Spots

    • Enjoy all the benefits of marker cones with hundreds of new activity and training options!
    • These brightly coloured non skid rubber disks are excellent for all indoor and outdoor hard surfaces, in place of marker cones.
    • The flat disk surface removes any risk of injury and adds new scope to running drills as players can stand on the disk with one foot when running through a grid pattern.
    • Ideal for agility, positional, plyometric, footspeed drills and games that are guaranteed to add fun and quality to any PE or training session.
    • Available in a brightly coloured set of 6 with carry bag.
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  2. Super Reactaball™

    Super Reactaball™


    Supa Reacta Ball - Pyramid shaped soft inflatable ball (20cm diameter).

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  3. Reactive Ball – 6.5cm

    Reactive Ball – 6.5cm


    Hand Speed, Foot Speed Reactive Speed-Track the ball if you can!

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  4. Plyo-X™



    The latest innovation in balance, agility, footspeed, lateral speed, plyometrics and body control!

    • The Plyo-X™ cross shape formation provides unlimited options for jumping, running and footspeed patterns for all levels.
    • Suitable for junior fun fitness through to the most advanced rapid plyometric and footspeed drills sure to challenge the most elite athletes.
    • The four colour design allows coaches and teachers to add vision based commands and progressions for an even more challenging workout.
    • Perfect for joint re-education and proprioception in a functional rehabilitation setting as it allows for safe running and jumping progressions in a controlled safe zone.
    • Constructed of soft flat PVC, simply fold up and pack in the carry bag for easy storage and transport.
    • Comes with carry bag.
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  5. Leg Speed Tube

    Leg Speed Tube


    This multipurpose device resists and strengthens singular leg movements. Slow for rehabilitation, or fast for sprinting speed and kicking training.

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  6. Lateral Speed Resistor

    Lateral Speed Resistor


    Increase lateral speed, balance and first step quickness!

    • Lateral quickness is specifically improved with this device by utilising the flexicord resistance to recruit muscle “work”.
    • As you reach to the side the flexicord resists the muscles used in lateral movement. It then assists the trailing leg to move quickly off the ground to enhance footspeed.
    • This combination of resistance and assistance will dramatically improve lateral speed and quickness.
    • Compact and light weight.
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  7. Large Reaction Ball – 10cm

    Large Reaction Ball – 10cm


    Hand Speed, Foot Speed Reactive Speed-Track the ball if you can!

  8. Evasion Belt

    Evasion Belt


    Read, react, evade and defend!

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